10 Ways You Can Be More Confident at Work


We’ve all heard the often-repeated fact that women apologize far more than men, especially when something isn’t their fault. But, if you ask me — and I work predominantly with men — women need to stop apologizing unnecessarily and, at the same time, acknowledge that confidence can include wearing some of our emotions on our sleeves. Sure, our insecurities can make us appear weak. But, no matter you’re in an all-male work environment or not, I always say that’s it’s best to fake it until you feel so sure of yourself that others start to feel the same way. That’s how the saying goes, right?

Ahead, I’ve outlined 10 ways that you can feel more confident and assertive on the job — even if you only sort of know what you’re doing.

Be Engaging
First, look your coworkers in the eyes and put your phone away. There is nothing worse…

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